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Finally! You Can Now Experience The Level Of Online Success You Truly Deserve...
FINALLY! You Can Have a Successful Business Without the Hard Knocks…
To: Aspiring Entrepreneurs Who Want a Different No B.S. Way to Earn a Great Income

From: The Desk of Ann Sieg

Subject: Your Unfair Advantage To Building A Highly Profitable Online Business Using The Largest Database Of BUYERS Online: AMAZON!

If You Are Someone Who...
  • Doesn't like building teams in Multi-Level Marketing businesses
  • Doesn't want to learn all of the technical aspects of online marketing
  • Doesn't want to do sales presentations
  • Doesn't want to worry about generating traffic
  • Doesn't want to worry about downlines, sponsoring, writing autoresponder emails, getting your ads disapproved, or any number of those headaches that come with those other business models.
  • Wants to build a business without recruiting, selling, or marketing.
  • Isn't interested in owning a store to house inventory
  • Is tired of spinning your wheels trying to find a home-based business that works
  • Are sick and tired of trying to earn a decent income in businesses that have low profit margins
  • Has reached a breaking point where it seems like (no matter how hard you try), there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

...Then This is the Solution You've Been Searching For.

But Why Should You Listen to me?

Hi, I'm Ann Sieg...

I've been quietly earning a full time income from home for the last 11+ years, generating $20+ million in sales… I've done network marketing, affiliate marketing, published my own products, and more.

But it wasn't until I discover this ecommerce business model that I was able to create truly duplicatable success not only for me and my family... but for a large group of my students that had no experience or background earning from home.

It's been incredible watching our beta students go on to create businesses that are doing $1,000-$50,000 per month and more...

The Information I'm About To Share With You...

... has been some of the most liberating and freedom-creating training we've ever released.

It's allowed our students to:
  • Pay off thousands of dollars of debts from previous failed business opportunities...
  • Put money down on a new home...
  • Quit their job...
  • Retire their spouse...
  • Hire on family members to help grow their business.
All the while avoiding the painful parts of other online business models... We're talking:
  • NO web development, graphics, or coding required.
  • NO merchant accounts, shopping cart software, or customer service.
  • NO blogging, writing ebooks, podcasting, or anything like that.
  • NO learning about or spending money on traffic (Amazon does it for you!)
We had been looking for a way to help our students create a simple, reliable, and long-term income online, and...
The 'Shop Your Way To Wealth' System Was the Answer.

Your life and business will be different, too, when you apply the strategies taught in this course.

The 'Shop Your Way To Wealth' System is For You If...

  • You are ready to succeed once and for all in your home-based business
  • You want a serious edge over your competition on Amazon
  • You don't want to do sales presentations
  • You want to build a business without recruiting, selling, or marketing.
  • You are ready to build a business that doesn't require websites, blogs, social media funnels, sales pages, or autoresponders.

The 'Shop Your Way To Wealth' System is NOT For You If...

  • You want to keep spinning your wheels wondering why nothing is working
  • You are determined to reinvent the wheel and figure it out on your own without guidance
  • You want to focus on building downlines, sponsoring, writing autoresponder emails, getting your ads disapproved, or any number of those headaches that come with other business models.
  • You love businesses with low profit margins.
Our Students' Results Made Our Jaws Drop:
And Our 'Shop Your Way To Wealth' System Is ONLY Getting Better...
We took the content from the first SYWW course, and completely revised and updated all of the materials for 2016.

We updated the videos and we're also doing value-added webinars to make sure you get started right.

Trust me: you don't want to miss this...
What's Included in The 'Shop Your Way To Wealth' System:

Cover-to-Cover Business Content Manual

This is no fluff. Just Solid meaty training.

This manual represents over 900 hours of in-the-field work by our master trainers.

The in-the-field experience is awesome but add to that the hundreds of hours our trainers spent developing proficient shipping procedures. These procedures have shaved down their shipping time by 50%! Imagine what it will do for you.

This is a system and it cranks!

In The Extensive "Shop Your Way To Wealth" Manual, You'll Learn...

  • Step-By-Step Instructions and Checklist to Get Your Amazon Business Account Set Up the Right Way from Day 1
  • Understand What Goes Into a Amazon Seller Name So You Don't Limit Your Success
  • Know the Tools of the Trade that are Must Haves for Doing Local Retail Arbitrage Efficiently and Effectively
  • Step-by-Step Pictures and Instructions on How to Set Up Your Amazon Seller App
  • 4 Quick Tips on Fixing Scanning Issues from the Pros
  • Step-by-Step Instructions How to Scan a Product using the Amazon App
  • Complete 12 Step Scanning Process Checklist so You Buy the Right Products and Leave the Duds on the Shelf
  • Learn about Profit, R.O.I and the Value of Your Time when Sourcing Products from Local Retailers
  • What NOT to Buy and Why
  • How to Add to Your Amazon Inventory Right from Your Smartphone
  • Navigate Your Amazon Seller Central Back Office
  • Understand the Cashflow Process and Payments of Amazon
  • You'll know How to Find Stores Galore in Your Hometown
  • The Ultimate Shopping for Dollars Index Reference Guide that Allows You to Reference Information So You Can Buy with Confidence
  • 8 Things A Professional Shopper Never Leaves the House Without
  • How to Deal with Stores, Employees and Nosey Other Shoppers
  • You'll Know How to Manage Customer Feedback (Good or Bad), Product Reviews, and the Rare Customer Question
  • Get the Comprehensive List of FBA Shipping Equipment and Supplies that Makes Packing a Breeze
  • Learn Where to Buy Packing Supplies at the Best Prices
  • Shipping Dos & Don'ts to Keep Your Account in Good Standing
  • Learn Shipping 101 to Get Your Products into Amazon and Get Them Sold
  • Running Your FBA Business as a Business with the Best Resources for Booking keeping and Inventory Management
  • And so much more…
Shop Your Way To Wealth Manual: $497 Value

Guide To Category Rankings

This guide will allow you to discover:
  • Products and Categories to Avoid
  • Product Rank Guidance for Amazon Categories
  • Discounts to Redeem
$197 Value

PLUS as Part Of Your “Shop Your Way To Wealth” Program You’ll Receive Two Live In-Depth Training Webinars with Our 2 Expert 100K Amazon Sellers Danita and Leslie.

Webinar #1: Dissecting an Amazon Listing - Going Beyond the Profit

Watch as our 6-figure Amazon sellers Danita and Leslie Scans Products and Explains the How and Whys on Deciding on Buying a Product (All Right from Their Phone)

Each and Every Step of the 12 Step Scanning Process Checklist will be Explained in Great Detail to Give You the Inside Track

Discover 3 Other Critical Factors that Can Make Our Experts Walk Away from the Product without Even Scanning the Product.

Webinar Date: Thursday, February 18 @ 8 pm CST
$297 Value

Webinar #2: Understanding Pricing - How to Adjust Your Pricing to Make the Most of the Market

Learn How To Change Your Prices On The Amazon Platform

Learn When to Adjust Your Price

Learn Why to Adjust Your Price

Avoiding The "Race To The Bottom" and Other Pitfalls

Webinar Date: Thursday, March 3 @ 8 pm CST
$297 Value

6 Video Module Training Series - Amazon Account Setup

How to set up your Amazon Selling Professional Account

Where to find Amazon TOS and Selling Guidelines

How to navigate the Seller Central interface

How to contact Seller Central for Support

Create & Send a FBA Shipment
How to respond to Customer Communications
$197 Value

Total Value= $1288

And Right Now You Pay ONLY:

Digital $397 OR Physical $597 OR BOTH $497

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We are so confident that you will absolutely love The 'Shop Your Way To Wealth' System that we are offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to.
When You Purchase The Shop Your Way To Wealth System Today, We Are Also Giving You These Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Step-by-Step Amazon Business “Start Up” Webinar

In this special follow-up webinar our Head Coach who’s worked with thousands of our students will guide you through all the vitally important set up strategies found within your digital version of Chapter One of your “Shop Your Way to Wealth” training manual.

Get your questions answered here! You’ll be in your first live “Shop Your Way To Wealth” classroom session and you’ll get to hear first hand your fellow classmates. This will be an extremely valuable training session.

(Wednesday, February 17, 2016 @ 7 pm CST)
$197 Value

Bonus #2

Top 10 Time-Management Tips & Strategies For Your New eCommerce Business Webinar

In this special time & life management coaching session Ann Sieg and her Head Coach Curt Johnson will share the many tips and strategies they’ve shared with thousands of coaching clients and students that have come through our training systems over the past 11 years.

60% of our eCommerce students work a full or part-time job/business and build their eCommerce business on the side. Much like what Ann & Curt are doing themselves. Coach Curt has hauled in 120K in sales working his business very part time on the side.
$197 Value

Bonus #3

Special 3 Month Support SYWW Facebook Group Page

Our very own dedicated community page dedicated to our members going through our “Shop Your Way to Wealth” program.

You need community support to share your successes and challenges with.

Ann Sieg’s Certified Trainers and 100K Amazon Sellers will help service you on this very special community page.

We have the highest long term community engagement in the industry. There’s a reason for that. We care!

I have a big mission to help 1000 people make $10,000 a month. Our community page is one Very Big way that we help make this happen.
$497 Value


Shop Your Way To Wealth” FAQ Webinar with 100K+ Amazon Shop Your Way to Wealth Trainers (FIRST 50 PEOPLE ONLY!)

In this special one hour webinar Danita Zanrè and Leslie Hamilton will help answer any and all questions related to our course material and especially our big beefy “Shop Your Way to Wealth” Business Manual.

We’ll give you time to go through your Business Manual and get out in the stores to start scanning for products. We’ll host our webinar three weeks out. So action is paramount to get the most value out of your special FAQ bonus call.

We find FAQ sessions are the perfect icing on the top so you’re not wondering about any questions along the way.

This call will be recorded and archived for your convenience.
$297 Value

Total Value (With Bonuses) = $2,476

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